Be Present and Thrive


Live without regrets, expectations, or fears. Simply be in the Now.

Being an adult is hard sometimes. Life can get us down. So try living your life with the imagination of a child, always viewing life in wonderment. Just be Present.

Smile, and believe in possibilities; believe in You.


Regrets, we all have them, but what to do with them is a problem. They sit in our minds organized in little neat folders with all kinds of fancy labels. They sit there just waiting for the right time to make our lives miserable, and our egos are ready to help us out by ushering those regrets right out of their folders and into our hearts.

We could put those regrets in a box and use heavy-duty tape to seal them away, but they have the strength to break any kind of tape, and find their way right back into our filing system. We could send them out to sea, but instead of getting lost they would just wash up on the shore. And don’t forget, regrets have a habit of multiplying and intensifying.

There is only one way to handle regrets and that is by facing them and realizing that they are really just lessons that we have learned along the way. For some reason we have a hard time viewing them as lessons and want to make them so much more, but they’re not. I’m sure the ego has a hand in this because it’s so important for the ego to keep us in constant turmoil. If we could actually create a happy peaceful life for ourselves then the ego would have no place, and it fears that.

When a regret sneaks in to torture you, don’t let it drag you back and make you relive the horror all over again. Instead, acknowledge it and say, “I see you and have learned my lesson.” Then really let that regret go away forever, because if you don’t, it will just come back again. Do this every time a regret makes an appearance.

Life is full of lessons that have all kinds of names, but in the end, everything is just a lesson hopefully you have learned. Some of your lessons are painful and really hard and those will be the ones you will hold onto, but don’t because that creates a regret. Clutter anywhere makes it hard to move around, so do a deep cleaning and see how much more at peace you will be.

The one regret you don’t ever want is to ever have wasted your time on any regrets in the first place.

Breathe deep and live your life free.