“One reason we love fiction is because stories have a comforting shape. They provide a resolution that’s lacking in our regular lives.”
~ Patrick Rothfuss

I was thinking the other day how some families just seem to get along and I wondered what their secret was. I finally realized that the secret really wasn’t a secret, but an ingredient my family was missing–Resolution. Families that coexist well have the ability to resolve their issues before they go too deep and become impossible to rectify. It’s best learned in childhood.

My husband and I grew up in families where problems never got resolved. Conflict was a way of life and became our normal. Thinking we were doing a pretty good job raising our two daughters, we didn’t realize that they were watching the terrible interaction between their grandparents and us, and were taking notes. The result was they didn’t learn how to resolve issues–especially the ones between the two of them. When they grew up, they figured out how to resolve issues with others, but have never learned how to do it with each other.

Young children are very observant. They see how we get along with our parents, friends and neighbors. They listen to what we say and pick up our attitudes toward others, so be careful of those little eyes staring at you. I hang out with two six-year-olds that are my granddaughters, and I’m aware that they are watching me and taking notes. I try to stay mindful in guiding them in resolving conflicts they have with each other so that they will always be close.

So, what are your children learning from you? It’s never too late to change how we deal with each other. When we resolve our problems with people instead of letting things fester, our lives are so much more enriched. Family especially, is something we should cultivate and always hold dear.

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

Boston Marathon

When the world is upside down and tragedy is the word of the day, pull in closer to those you love.

When the world has gone mad and you don’t know who to trust, pull in closer to those you care about.

Go outside and sit down on the grass and feel the earth beneath you. Dig your fingernails deep into the dirt to know that yes, earth is still here and so are you.

Close your eyes, feel the warmth of the sun, and know that yes, the cold of the tragedy will soon be gone.

Hear the birds chatter away and know that there is still life on this planet, and tomorrow will be a better day.

But until then… hold your children closer tonight and smother them with hugs and kisses. Protect them while you can from the craziness of the world they live in.

let us all draw in a little bit closer, and care more for each other because we’re all we’ve got when the world goes mad, and aren’t we all just one?