Approach Life with Grace

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.” ~ French Proverb

As the pandemic continues to loom before us, and here in America we are still dealing with political madness, now more than ever we must let our life force flow with grace.

Quiet the mind and live moment to moment, enjoying the simple pleasures of life as they show up. Have no expectations. Allow everything to unfold and be as it will.

Let’s smile, laugh, and invite the light to dance in, filling the heart with love and joy. And always pick up the kindness seeds and spread them everywhere.

“Grace is the weapon that disarms the dark.”~ Ann Voskamp


May the simplicity, grace and beauty of coming together with family and friends fill your heart with love and gratitude, keeping you in that state of mind for days, months and years to come, and spilling over to all living creatures–especially those less fortunate than you.

May peace be with you forever.