This Will Be the Day

This will be the day that you will finally forgive. You’ll forgive those that have hurt you deeply.

You will forgive yourself for all the things you’ve done wrong, but most importantly, for keeping yourself in the mode of unforgiving.

Yes, at last, this will be the day that you’re set free from the chains that have imprisoned you for far too long.

You will simply let it all go and be free to live your life.

“Forgiveness gives you wings. Make this your affirmation today: ‘Every time I forgive someone, it sets me free.’” ~ Robert Holden

And to feel free is what we all need to reach our full potential, and live full lives.

Make today the day you finally FORGIVE.

Winter Solstice

Let the Winter Solstice flow through you Healing Wounds gathered all year.

If it’s Peace you need you will find it in the quiet sleep that winter brings.

Are you seeking Happiness? Then meditate and you will soon see that it’s just within and seeking all from you.

There’s no better time to Forgive and finally be free then this time of silence and grace that gives hope.

And of Love, you say? Then let the darkness bring a blanket of warmth to those you’ve been too busy all year to adore.

Dreams will carry you forward and Joy will become your friend as you let the Winter Solstice flow through you making you whole once again.

Whatever your beliefs this time of year, I want to wish you all Happiness and Peace as you move forward into infinity.

“We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.”

~ Gary Zukav


“You don’t get what you want; you get what you are.”
~ Wayne Dyer

Only you have the power to change your life. You and only you make the rules and can create, or change your destiny. No one can hurt you unless you let them. Sometimes though, you are the one bringing hurt to your soul.

You set the limits on how far you will soar by putting up the stop and caution signs along the path of your journey. Remember, you make the rules, you are in control, so if you want no restrictions along the way, stop putting up the signs.

You are a magnificent being capable of doing so much good, but sometimes you are captivated by the dark side and end up destroying the one thing you should protect–Yourself. Stay on the path your Spirit has chosen and don’t let the ego take you on short cuts that end up becoming dead-end streets.

Take responsibility for the mistakes you make and learn from them because mistakes are part of your journey, and let’s face it, how can you possibly learn without them. Forgive yourself and others who have harmed you because you can’t move on and grow without forgiveness. Always vow to be a better you.

You do have what it takes to succeed on this journey of your life. Trust your gut and your beautiful heart, and walk gently on this planet being kind to every innocent creature that comes your way. Know in your heart that you, only you, can make a difference simply by believing in yourself and knowing that you’re here for a purpose.

Always remember, there is only one of you and that is why you are unique.

“Be a blessing to everyone you meet today.” ~ Robert Holden


“One reason we love fiction is because stories have a comforting shape. They provide a resolution that’s lacking in our regular lives.”
~ Patrick Rothfuss

I was thinking the other day how some families just seem to get along and I wondered what their secret was. I finally realized that the secret really wasn’t a secret, but an ingredient my family was missing–Resolution. Families that coexist well have the ability to resolve their issues before they go too deep and become impossible to rectify. It’s best learned in childhood.

My husband and I grew up in families where problems never got resolved. Conflict was a way of life and became our normal. Thinking we were doing a pretty good job raising our two daughters, we didn’t realize that they were watching the terrible interaction between their grandparents and us, and were taking notes. The result was they didn’t learn how to resolve issues–especially the ones between the two of them. When they grew up, they figured out how to resolve issues with others, but have never learned how to do it with each other.

Young children are very observant. They see how we get along with our parents, friends and neighbors. They listen to what we say and pick up our attitudes toward others, so be careful of those little eyes staring at you. I hang out with two six-year-olds that are my granddaughters, and I’m aware that they are watching me and taking notes. I try to stay mindful in guiding them in resolving conflicts they have with each other so that they will always be close.

So, what are your children learning from you? It’s never too late to change how we deal with each other. When we resolve our problems with people instead of letting things fester, our lives are so much more enriched. Family especially, is something we should cultivate and always hold dear.

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin


“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” ~ Lewis B. Smedes

This quote really does explain what forgiving is all about. It has nothing to do with the person you are trying to forgive, but everything to do with setting yourself free of resentment.

When you forgive someone it doesn’t mean you accept, or excuse,  or erase what they did. That is between them and their God, or whatever they believe in. If the offender doesn’t apologize for what they did, still forgive them. Remember, you do this for one reason only:

 “To Set Yourself Free.”

The same goes for forgiving yourself. I know for me, forgiving others is much easier than forgiving myself. But you can’t go through life continually raking yourself over the coals. Apologize to those you’ve hurt–even yourself, then let it go. I’ve even apologized to those that have passed on. Forgiving yourself has nothing to do with you taking responsibility for what you did, but once that is done, nothing good will come from beating yourself up over and over again.

Get into the habit of not harboring resentments, and learn to forgive without conditions. Your life’s journey is hard enough without extra baggage, so travel light.

“The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.”
~ Catherine Ponder