Make Peace with This Moment


“Make peace with the present moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

It’s a busy time of the year and we can find ourselves running wild everywhere. No time to sit and think and even meditate. Tempers can get out of hand, expectations are high on demand, and depression can always find a way in.

Let’s sit down and take a deep breath, concentrating on our breathing. That’s right, make peace with whatever is happening in this very moment. We may not like it, and want to fight it, but let’s not. It’s just our ego wanting conflict–especially at times when there should be joy and peace. By just stopping whatever we’re doing, we give our Spirit the chance to come forward and take over, setting our world right once again.

Sometimes the moments of our lives are wonderful, and then there are those times that are just awful. We want to escape during bad times, but we really can’t, and we make ourselves miserable. The more we struggle the worst we feel.

We can’t change what’s happening in the present moment, but we can always change our attitude toward it. By taking a moment to slow down, or better yet, meditate, we put ourselves in charge and bring balance once again to our lives.

Don’t let the season get out of hand. Slow down, and enjoy the simplicity of just being.

Truly Real


“If my heart could do the thinking, would my brain begin to feel?” ~ Van Morrison

I think sometimes we all make the mistake of thinking with our heads too much and not enough with our hearts. We analyze situations over and over until they don’t make sense anymore. We put too much energy in trying to figure out why someone did this or that to us, and we play the blame game constantly where there are never any winners.

If we could clear our minds and start thinking with our hearts can you imagine how wonderful and fresh the world would be? We wouldn’t be looking for problems to appear around every corner. We wouldn’t be in conflict with anyone, we would just be in bliss and flowing with life. Such balance would be ours for evermore.

This all sounds like a fairy tale. How could this be in a world so complicated that at times you just can’t see. Call me an optimist, but I believe with hard work and determination we can all change the way we think and feel. We can train our brains to use that compassion from our hearts and they can work together bringing us a peaceful, happy life, that is filled with love instead of fear and hate.

What is truly real? The darkness your mind is showing you, or the love you want to feel? What if you went with your heart this time instead of giving in to the conflict your head wants you to explore. Choose wisely my friend, for your happiness on this journey may very well depend.


When you are conscious you are aware of who you are and very in tune with your soul. Everything you experience is in the present and absolutely nothing that’s happened even a second ago are you concerned about because it’s in the past and completely gone. You are not even thinking about the future because it hasn’t arrived yet. This is the way to a happy life where the ego is just displaced, and your thoughts are in the now and positive.

Being conscious is a lot like mindfulness, but it involves going deeper within and becoming one with your soul. When the mind is quiet because you are living in the now and not somewhere in the past or future you are able to think clearer, be kind and giving, breathe deeper, be joyful and very creative. Conflict is gone from your life because when you are conscious you have no need to prove yourself. No more arguments and hurt feelings.

To get to a conscious state just clear your mind from all its chatter and meditate going deep inside yourself. Inhale the beauty of silence as it rolls over you and feel yourself connect to your soul. I’ve done this meditation while at the gym on a bicycle and rowing machine. I could hear the noise around me, but I felt disconnected from it. Afterward, I was very relaxed and so connected with my very being.

At first, consciousness will last for a limited time, but as you keep practicing it will become your normal way of being. Your  goal is to one day have the consciousness feeling just become automatic without having to meditate. You want to be able to clear your mind from the chatter of ego and live everyday connected to your inner self just flowing naturally.

I know this is a different way of living life, and it may seem impossible to do, but with practice, it’s doable. Take a chance and become connected to your soul and feel the peace and  satisfaction of a happy life that is your right, and be on the way to attaining nirvana with your Spirit.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”  ~ Lao Tzu