A Quiet Place

In a world that sometimes makes no sense, and even seems to have gone mad, it’s so important to find that quiet place. A place of calmness, safety, and beauty. A place to restore our sanity.

This quiet place can exist in the mind. Close your eyes and take a mini break from work, and a hectic life. Just breathe, and maybe envision a peaceful scene where stress doesn’t live.

An actual tiny oasis can be created outdoors with a few potted plants and a small fountain. Water is always very soothing to the soul. Or maybe just sit outside and watch the show nature can provide.

The important thing is “Balance,” and finding a way back to it. Constant stress is a killer no matter what kind of stress it is. The body needs love and care to more than just survive. It needs to thrive.

In taking care of ourselves we can do a much better job taking care of our loved ones, and even showing kindness and care to those we don’t know. When we feel peace everyone around us feels it too.

“Each Life needs its own quiet place.” ~ Melody Beattie

29 thoughts on “A Quiet Place

  1. madiej says:

    This is so true, Thank you for a beautiful post.

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  2. Karen Lang says:

    When we fill ourselves First, everyone benefits. Beautiful reminder Michele 🧡

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  3. Well written dear lady, it is something we all need in these times. A nice quiet place for us, only then can we help others from a good place. I personally have this gorgeous lake in front of me, now that is such a peaceful grounding in itself, listening to all the birds and sounds of water. All I want to do is sleep 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    • I bet your lake gives you so much comfort Mark. I love being around water. I find it so soothing. You are right, we all need a little quiet place to fill ourselves back up and be ready to give to others. Thank you, and for sharing your quiet place. 🙂

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  4. Michelle says:

    Thank you! Lovely post and great reminder to take time, look for balancea nd look after ourselves. 😊😊😊

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  5. Saima.SK says:

    A very good and relevant post, dear Michele, carrying an important message. Stress indeed is a killer, but it’s becoming an attitude of our lives now.. without realizing the fact that it harms us the most.. stress is the result of fear i feel, and we must have to constantly and deliberately replace it with love and faith..it’s an everyday practice. We need to remind it to ourselves. The “balance” point you have mentioned is very significant👍

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  6. Hi. I agree with all you say here. When we’re calm and balanced, life becomes better for us and for those in our orbits.

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  7. Pam Lazos says:

    Michele!! What a lovely oasis you have!! xox

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  8. Beautiful and quiet place a sanctuary of our own that we can create and not be stressed at all. Such a serene and lovely post, Michele.

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  9. incarceratedshadows says:

    Another excellent post, Michele. Bravo.

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  10. Anita says:

    Well written, than you for sharing.

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  11. Thank you, Anita.

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  12. Ali Grimshaw says:

    Choosing a quiet moment within a very full day of demands is my quiet space. Wishing you peace.

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  13. I hear you, Ali. Sometimes a quiet moment is all we can do. Wishing you many quiet moments of peace.


  14. My quiet place has to be in my mind.

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  15. Priti says:

    Yes it’s necessary to balance everything to make relief our mind and the small oasis is perfect idea! Well shared thanks 😊💕

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  16. Thank you, Priti. I wish you many beautiful quiet moments.


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