“The ego says, ‘I shouldn’t have to suffer,’ and that thought makes you suffer so much more. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

We humans are fragile but at the same time strong beings. We get into trouble when our egos get hurt. We all want to be loved and accepted and when we’re not we feel not only hurt but sometimes anger.

Hurt can cause us to become selfish as we start to close down to everyone around us. We can become consumed with our own feelings of rejection that we become unable to love or accept love.

Never let yourself be so blinded by your own pain that you can’t see and feel the pain you have caused others.

“Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you.”  ~ Vipin Sharma

The quote by Sharma makes sense when someone you love does something to hurt you. Perhaps they really didn’t mean it, but it still hurts.

Feelings of hurt are just part of our journey and the best thing to do is let yourself feel it then let it go. Don’t ever let hurt stick to you. Use it as another lesson on your journey.

“Feel the feeling and drop the story.” ~ Pema Chodron

31 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Val Boyko says:

    I love both quotes and the wisdom here. Thank you Michele 💛🙏💛

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  2. It is a beautiful journey Michele, even among the pain. And when we truly understand what creates it, it will set us free.
    Lovely post dear lady, written from those scars. Thank you for sharing yours 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  3. Eliza says:


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  4. Pam Lazos says:

    Love this, especially since we’re all suffering so much now because of Covid. Thanks for the reminder to stay grounded, Michele. xo

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  5. Ali Grimshaw says:

    Great quote, “Feel the feeling and drop the story.” ~ Pema Chodron
    I have been saying to myself, “Feel it to heal it.” Thank you for sharing your words with me today.

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  6. Invisibly Me says:

    That Sharma quote is excellent. You’ve made such a good point and I think it can definitely be easy when we’re consumed by hurt and a tidal wave of emotions to lose sight of our reactions and how we may be treating those around us. Hurt can change us, it can make us sad or angry or bitter, so instead we need to be aware of that and work on healing the hurt. Well said lovely.

    Caz xx

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  7. The quotes are so full of wisdom, Michele. They are to be pondered over and implemented in our daily lives. Thank you for this motivating post.

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  8. Michelle says:

    Love that quote “feel the feeling and drop the story”… simple but so profound. I will definitely add this to my thought pattern. Thank you!

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  9. inese says:

    Oh that ego 🙂 I have read in a good book that people only cry for themselves. Must be true.

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  10. Karen Lang says:

    Once we understand this wisdom. We are free 💕💚🌈

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  11. And that’s a wonderful feeling. Thank you Karen 🙂


  12. Insightful and profound! Wonderful quotes, thank you for sharing them. Ego, I think, becomes one of our biggest demons once we leave it untamed.

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  13. Holly says:

    Wow, Michele, this is a powerful post! I adore those quotes. “Feel the feeling and drop the story,” is one to remember. How often do we allow our feelings to feed us an entire story – much of which may not even be true? I know I’m 100% guilty of allowing this to happen.

    I really love what you said here: “Never let yourself be so blinded by your own pain that you can’t see and feel the pain you have caused others.” — How true this is! We don’t value empathy enough in our culture. In fact, many people don’t value it at all. Yet, it’s a powerful tool for healing. How often we forget that our own flaws have caused pain and heartache in others. It’s not that we should ever excuse abuse or bad behavior, but it does help to remember that we too have made mistakes.

    Self-awareness is as much needed as being aware of how we feel concerning others. Love this post, Michele. Thank you for sharing such fantastic reminders of love. ♥

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    • Hi, Holly 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. A lot of reflecting on my part of past hurts and relationship problems. Everything negative that I have experienced I try to figure my part in the problem. Our egos go into overdrive trying to protect us that we miss our own mistakes. Thank you for all your kind words here and sharing your thoughts with all of us.

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