When Egos Meet

“Half of life is lost in charming others. The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others. Leave this play. You have played enough!” ~Rumi

It’s never a party when egos meet. In fact, it can be a pretty bad sight indeed. You see, the ego is always ready for a fight, letting us think it’s simply protecting us when in fact, it’s actually bullying us. Sounds weird I know. But not so when you realize that the ego is that critical thinking part of us that’s always watching, conniving, deciding who did what to us, what we should do to them, who we are, who they are, etc.

We all have different egos. Some make us think we’re better than others, and some make us think we are less. And usually we have a combination to fit different needs as they arise. The main thing is that we are not our egos. We are the higher self inside of us: Our Spirit. But why is the Spirit so quiet and seems to do nothing to stop our crazy egos’ chatter, and ruining our relationships? Because the Spirit believes in our free will where as the ego believes in harassing us into submission.

Now, when egos meet, each has an agenda that is self serving and certainly not thinking of the greater good. You can see why problems don’t get solved and we have so much trouble living in harmony with one another.

So what do we do? I really don’t think we can get rid of our egos even though some have said that they have. The best I have found is to tame it. Our quiet Spirit will come alive if asked. Once you work with your Spirit and listen closely to what it has to say, you will be free to live the life you were born to live. But remember, you have free will; you have to ask for the help you need.

Listening to the ego and engaging with other egos will cause you to waste your life, and take you very far away from the path you should be following. This is your one and only life; don’t waste it on your ego, or fall victim to other egos.

“Once you can tame your ego mind, you are able to see clearly the path you were born to follow.” ~Roxana Jones

39 thoughts on “When Egos Meet

  1. Myth*. says:

    Michele you have written a genuine masterpiece of truth here!
    “Listening to the ego and engaging with other egos will cause you to waste your life, and take you very far away from the path you should be following. This is your one and only life; don’t waste it on your ego, or fall victim to other egos”. Bravo!!

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  2. Well said Michele. We do eventually, after tripping and stumbling everywhere, put that ego out to pasture. It allows us to touch both sides of everything…hate, love…happy, sad etc, and when we finally understand within, it does in fact go from the front of our everyday life, to the back of our minds where it becomes an echo of what was, no longer the ‘controller’.
    Brilliantly put together like a master dear lady, your awareness is showing and your ego is waaaaay down the back 😀 ❤️

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    • I’ve had a lot of tripping and stumbling with my ego for all of my life. And can see how it has really caused much misery for me. Listening to our Spirit is like a breath of fresh air. I like to think the ego is no longer controlling me and is in fact, far, far away. Thank you Mark.

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  3. Inspiring and profound read about the Egos but once u surrender to His Grace he knows what to do.

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  4. Michelle says:

    Very insightful. I often why we were given egos? I sort of think we are given fear to prevent us from being physically hurt e.g. falling from a height, and we are given egos to help us form being emotionally hurt e.g if someone is mean to us our ego tells us we dont deserve this treatment. Somehow for most of us the ego is ways out of kilter and as you say tells us we are better or worse then someone, or gets defensive and reactive, when really it should tell us to leave the situation.Why do we let our egos get out of control?? Your post is a reminder to keep egos in check. I like the saying “may the light in me greet the light in you”!

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    • Thank you Michelle. I used to think the same about why we had egos. I thought it was to protect us, but like you said it’s way out of kilter. It’s that defensive and reactive mode I have always had trouble with. I would have always been better off listening to my Spirit. I love your saying: “May the light in me greet the light in you.” We should all write that one down.

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  5. Vihani says:

    Very well written and love the Rumi quote you have shared 💛

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  6. incarceratedshadows says:

    An excellent post Michele.
    So profound and so true.

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  7. Eliza says:

    (I know, talking in emojis isn’t really my style)

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  8. Pam Lazos says:

    I’ve been licked in a battle with my own ego for 5-Ever, Michele. And it’s exhausting! 🤦‍♀️


  9. I hear you Pam. The ego can wear us out. When I’m feeling exhausted from my ego, like I did today, I go to a quiet spot, close my eyes and let the thoughts fight one another as they finally leave. I ask my Spirit and guides for help and let myself surrender to the now and the peace of just being. It does put me back in balance.


  10. inese says:

    Well said, Michele. Free will is a precious gift.


  11. I agree with you that we can completely get rid of our egos but the goal is to tame it.


  12. Good insight. Egos checked at the door as the saying goes. Hugs


  13. Anita says:

    Impressive! Ego is like our thoughts, we can’t control it completely but we can tame it. You can check my thoughts about ego here: https://thejournalofanita.wordpress.com/2019/10/04/how-to-keep-ego-in-control/

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  14. Hi Anita, nice to meet you. Thank you for your comments, and I will check out your blog 🙂


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