Shed Your Skin


There’s a new you waiting, so go ahead and shed your old skin and fly as high as you dare.

Improving ourselves is part of why we’re here, and there’s nothing wrong with changing old ways that don’t suit us anymore. We need to broaden our horizons and not be afraid to discard old stubborn ways of thinking for new, balanced, and maybe even kinder ways of thinking and being.

Even in your job you can make changes for the better. I remember when I worked with people who wouldn’t change the way they did things because that was the way it had always been done, and this was even if it wasn’t working that well anymore. Shedding old ways can improve how we perform our jobs, react to others, and feel about our life in general. Change is all about growing.

Don’t let your mind, family, or even society keep you from growing into the person you were meant to be. Life becomes stagnant if change never happens. It’s exciting to shake things up and live your life a little bit differently. It feels like renewal because it is regeneration. But remember, only you have the power, so go use it!


22 thoughts on “Shed Your Skin

  1. incarceratedshadows says:

    Bravo Michele.
    Another excellent piece of writing.


  2. Thank you Alan for all your support!


  3. smilecalm says:

    your so talented, Michele!
    impermanence makes all
    things possible 🙂

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  4. pjlazos says:

    So wonderfully inspiring as always, Michele.

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  5. iScriblr says:

    Wow, inspiring!❤
    Loved the quotes too!

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  6. Invisibly Me says:

    This is such a powerful post, and a great reminder because you’re right, “life becomes stagnant if change never happens”. Changing old ways, doing things differently, trying something new, taking a new path… anything big or small is restorative, energising and necessary for growth and although perhaps very scary to embrace change, it can be a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz for your great comments! Change can be scary, but have you ever noticed that the things that worry or scare us the most are the things we need to do? I know that I don’t always embrace change, but have realized sometimes it’s really needed for me to grow, even the painful changes.

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  7. inesephoto says:

    Inspirational as always, Michele. Changes are wonderful, and they have no age limits 🙂


  8. Laleh Chini says:

    Great writing as always dear.❤️


  9. Eliza says:

    I love this post!


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