“So -called problems cannot survive in the present moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

To me this quote from Eckhart Tolle means that problems really can’t live in our present moments because problems usually occur when we live in the past or future and are simply not being present. If we look back, we can probably find something to make into a problem and bring it into the present moment by thinking about it, but it shouldn’t be in our present moment because it was already there once and now it belongs in the past where it should be forgotten.

If we look into the future we could create something to worry about by dragging it into the present, but why do we want to do that when we really have no idea what the future holds for us until it arrives and becomes the present. Fear sometimes brings us to the future.

So, what we actually have is only what’s happening right now and soon that now will also be in the past, and only starts to be a problem when we keep bringing it up over and over again. As crazy as this all sounds, our problems can’t survive in our present moments if we are truly present because we would solve an issue before it becomes a problem or discard it. There is not enough fuel to actually be living in the moment and keep a so-called problem alive. It’s only when we go looking for trouble by looking backward or forward and over thinking that we give negative energy to our present moment by creating problems that grow into monsters filling our brains with misery and giving us sleepless nights of trying to figure things out— what went wrong, or what might go wrong. And don’t forget, when we do this stuff we are no longer in the present moment.

If we could figure all this out for once and for all, think about all the happiness and great relationships we would have. We could experience real forgiveness and love, and we wouldn’t make ourselves and everyone else so unhappy. Life would become richer and peaceful for all.

Okay, this all sounds great, but since this is not a fairytale story where we will all just start this right now and life will suddenly change for the better, let’s call this a work in progress and strive to live in the present and keep the past and future out of our lives the best we can. In doing this, maybe the world can become a better place because we’ve become better people.

20 thoughts on “Problems

  1. den169 says:

    A work in progress is the most many of us can say, and it is saying no small thing.


  2. Robert says:

    Everything is in the present moment and If you keep moving through it then you keep your balance and if you don’t then you fall!


  3. It always amazes me when we begin with the ‘what if’s’ in this world Michele, because 99% percent of them never happen 😀
    Great post my friend 😀


  4. A work in progress—YES!!. Good post. Thanks for sharing. hugs.


  5. pjlazos says:

    If I could just hold onto the concept for more than five seconds everything would be great! Thanks, Michele.


  6. smilecalm says:

    thanks for making
    it a better place, Michele 🙂


  7. Whether intentionally or not, future and past touch us every day. Certainly, we live in this particular moment. For some people it is all they will ever have before passing away, and for some others it is a work in progress. Well, future is predictable at some point and never works out as planned. I would love not to think about the future, yet, there are deadlines two months ahead and potential long-term commitments. Decisions need to be made. I sort never think about life in terms of past, present and future, but I once said that we all come from our past and we have whatever that past gave us: knowledge, skills, diseases, meetings or divorce, love or separation, children or loneliness, job or loss of it, and so on, and we all also are heading to our future which is determined by the present moment. Nice reading your posts again! It’s been a while. I was terribly busy and I need one more surgery, so, there was no time for blogging. I hope to stay in touch!


  8. So great hearing from you Inese! Glad you’re feeling better too 🙂


  9. Well said! I like the part about the “overthinking” …this is the problem. Too much thinking!


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