Live for Today

Live for today and tomorrow will take care of itself. That sounds like good advice as long as you are not foolish and reckless, but mindful instead. Living each day with the purpose of actually showing up and not thinking about tomorrow or trying to replay the mistakes of yesterday is a goal we should all strive for. We don’t have to do great things each day, but we should try to enjoy each day as it comes along.

It’s true not all our todays are pleasant ones. Sometimes they are actually horrible and stressful, but that doesn’t mean that we should discount them. Every day we get is a day that belongs to only us and a day that we are here on planet Earth. Even if it isn’t the best of days we should embrace it and show up the best we can. When our horrible today slips into the past of yesterday we need to let it go and never look back. We then need to welcome our new present today and maybe it will just be a much better day.

In letting the previous day leave take a moment and see if there was a lesson to be learned, or wisdom to take in. In doing this no day goes away without preparing us for all the future days to come. Also, once you do this with the exiting day there will never be a need to hang onto the past. You will be able to just let it go and die off. And die it should because as you already know, if you don’t let the past go there is no way that you can truly live for today.


“Yesterday is ashes.

Tomorrow is green wood.

Only today does the fire burn brightly.”

– Eskimo Saying

11 thoughts on “Live for Today

  1. The beauty of only attracting exactly what we need to learn in this life, understand and release those things that no longer serve us, and move forward in the new way of being that we now are.
    Well written Michele, and much wisdom kind lady. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. cindy knoke says:

    Love this and the eskimo saying!


  3. Thank you, Cindy. I’m so glad I found that Eskimo saying–I really love it too!


  4. Focus on where you are now. Yes. 😉


  5. Monochrome nightmares says:

    An excellent piece of writing,
    full of good advice.
    Love the Eskimo saying. 😃


  6. This reminds me of what my 8 year old daughter was saying to me about letting stuff go…she said “Mom you need to let it come in one ear, and then go right out the other. Don’t keep it in your head!”
    I like what you said about finding the lesson in it all.

    So nice to see you’ve been gone for awhile!


    • Wow! You have a very intuitive 8 year old daughter, Elysha. No worries there. She will do just fine on her journey. Young kids today seem so wise to me. I think there is a lesson in everything we do. We just need to pay attention and be open to it. Thank you for missing me. I had a lot going on for awhile, and it feels great to be back.

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