You Can Live Your Best Life

Are you living the best life you can? Some people get so despondent that they choose to end their life even before it really has a chance to get started. Others are miserable every day and just get by feeling the pain of their life minute by minute. And then there are those who just seem to embrace their life no matter what. They are the ones who are happy to be alive. Have they found some sort of secret to living?

Maybe there is a secret to living a happy, stress free, peaceful life. A secret so great that not even our parents knew about it. Well, it’s not really a secret but instead a really simple rule. This rule is so simple that people pass right over it never giving it much thought. It’s simply living in the “Now” of your life. I know, I’ve talked about this lots of times, but it’s just too simple to remember. Living in the past of could’ve or should’ve, or the scary future of what if’s, will drive you crazy and you won’t be enjoying your life of What Is.

I volunteer in a bereavement program and I’m constantly aware of many souls dying. It does make me think about death and life probably more than the average person. One of the things I keep thinking about is the quality of our lives. How important it is to fully live and not be hampered by anger, bitterness, hatred, fear, jealousy, etc. And I’ve said this before: “Life Is Short.” Actually too short for some. You may not be beautiful or handsome on the outside, but what about the inside? You might not be rich or famous or a brainy, or even very talented, but being happy, stress free, and at peace with your life is everyone’s right. And the only one that can keep that from you, is “You.”

Don’t ever let life get you down, let it pick you up instead. After all, it’s all about the decisions you make for yourself. Your life is precious so handle it with the utmost care, and go out and live every second that you have.

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes and dance.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

21 thoughts on “You Can Live Your Best Life

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    It’s a tough subject. When you’re telling somebody who’s experiencing bad pain every single day they should be happy, it’s somehow not going to happen. They might be happy that it’s not worse because it always could be. Secondly, one can only unfold all of their potential if there’s enough money to do so. Many talented people cannot do what they would love, but instead they have to earn living doing stuff which is by far not their favorite. There are people who can have the very good life and they do, that doesn’t exclude illnesses and disasters, however. There are lots of people who must be happy because it is somewhat a tolerable life which could always get worse assuming they get sicker and cannot make any living at all. It is usually a question of what is possible and what is out of reach. For instance, my health condition and fractures would require not to spend winter in this climate, but I simply have to. My doctor told they cannot do nothing and we have to watch what happens, and therefore, I have to spend lots of time dealing with issues instead of doing something which I love: write, paint, draw, sew. There are also only that many hours in a day. Somebody who has to do everything from dishes to floors and garbage, plus, do this trying to forget about the insane pain, will never have enough time to get to serious creativity. It is always here and there, between breakfast and shopping, between one rush job and the other. Have an ok life is possible, have the best life I’d say is very questionable. We cannot forget the things which quite often do not depend on us. Like accidents which take away health and big part of happy experiences because life becomes an obligation to do whatever one is supposed to in order to keep moving.

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    • I agree, Inese, when life deals us a rough blow it is hard to live our best life, but I think we must still strive to do so because this is the only life that we have. And for some, it’s much easier to do and others, very hard. Your art is so beautiful and you are a very talented lady. I hope your health improves so you can continue doing what you love the most. Through your art you bring us all so much joy.

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      • Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

        Thank you so much! Art is cure and pastime and shelter, everything. There are huge voids, however, which need to be filled regarding all other stuff. My mom is 85, she is having some hard times here and there, and I’m so far, across the ocean. My daughter and grandchildren are in Europe, too, so are old friends. At times, it seems, my decision was wrong, and I’m missing the loved ones and friends insanely. I have to keep in mind, though, that I found a new life in Canada. It is extremely difficult sometimes. I would never imagine the healthcare was in such a bad condition here. Realistically, mistreatment and misdiagnosis are happening not rarely. I am seeing the surgeon only once in 6 months and meanwhile the condition worsens terribly. I’m certainly a fighter, always have been, that’s how I went through all 9 surgeries and learned to stand and walk again even though they told it was impossible.
        I love the simplicity of your advise, it’s just so that it can be difficult to accept the good things one has and not long for more.

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      • It must be very difficult, Inese, to have these health problems and to live where health care is not the best. Also, being away from loved ones is very hard–I do share that one with you. You are a very strong woman, and at times you probably get tired of having to be so strong, but hang in there, and believe it will all get better. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I know it helps all of us when we share our stories of struggle that we are not alone in this.


    • Sabiscuit says:

      And yet, with all of your challenges, Inese, you manage to spread joy through your artwork. I appreciate that very much. I send you best wishes for your health.

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  3. Joyful2bee says:

    Well said! Unfortunately sometimes you don’t truly appreciate something until you almost lose it. I have been close to death at least three times. Believe me, I rejoice in every day and treasure the little things in life. Good advice!!


  4. kara says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. My inclination is to focus on the future, but by doing that I can miss out on the beauty of the “what is” right now.


    • Hi, Kara 🙂 Yes, I used to live in the past and the future and missed a lot of what was going on in my present life. So I certainly get that. It’s so nice now that I stay in the present. I don’t want to miss a second of my life.

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  5. smilecalm says:

    may you find continued strength
    for efforts of helping those
    in touch with deep pain.

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  6. Thank you, David. I so appreciate all your kindness 🙂


  7. I think it’s hard to be happy all of the time. Sometimes life really stinks. But your point is a good one. We can’t make every day fabulous but overall we can recognize the power each of us has to make more good choices for a positive experience.

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  8. E.D. says:

    It is all about the quality of life. Sometimes we live very much darkly, when the quality of life is so poor that life does not seem worth living. I can appreciate that. Eve 🙂

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  9. That’s true, Eve, but if we can improve that quality then we should. We have to be careful not to be enticed by the dark side of our life.I have found that how I choose to think on a given day–even if everything is going wrong, changes how all the broken pieces go together for me.

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