Are you feeling lost? Sometimes that just seems to happen, but don’t despair, you will soon get back on track somewhere. Become very still, silent, letting all thoughts cramming through your brain dissolve into nothingness. Let yourself bond with nature through a window, or find a door and move yourself right out.

In nature is where you’ll find your lost yearning little self. It’s hiding in the trees along the busy highway. It’s sleeping in the flowers, or being carried by that bumblebee. Hey, that squirrel over there scurrying along the leaves just found it! Hurry before he buries it deep beneath the earth.

You are somewhere floating in the streams, or lakes, and can even be found roaring in the ocean waves. Look up, and see your lost self in the sky just hanging out with the clouds so free.

I think that soon you will come to realize that you are never really lost. You are always somewhere simply waiting to connect. Still doubting? Then by all means go outside and you will see that you, my friend, are part of everything!

14 thoughts on “Lost

  1. facetfully says:

    I just love this! Nature certainly grounds us and also connects us. I particularly resonate with the wind. Thanks for your beautiful words!


  2. Michelle says:

    Lovely words.Nature really does sooth the soul……….I am so lucky to live in a stunning part of the world…surrounded by National Parks, mountains, rivers and farmland. It definitely makes me happy at calm.


  3. Yayo says:

    Beautiful. Insightful, as always. Thank you for reminding:)


  4. I’ve been great–how about you?


  5. Very well written!! Happy to connect 😄 Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews ❤


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