Be the Who Inside of You

Be the who inside of you and don’t fear what you might say. Life will only work for you if you can learn to accept yourself all the way.

Don’t care if people don’t like who you are because it usually just means you haven’t met the right people in life so far. Of course, this is all if, and only if, the who that you are is loving and kind toward everyone in sight.

Maybe you’re a little bit socially awkward and you think people find you a bit strange. I’ll let you in on a little secret, we’re all awkward and strange in our own way. Take a deep breath and take the focus off of you and put it on someone nice and new. The people who deserve your friendship will come your way if you stay true to yourself in every way.

Take your shoes off and run along the shore with negative thoughts flying right out the door. Let the sea air lift you up making you feel free, and ready to accept this beautiful who that rests inside of you.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

15 thoughts on “Be the Who Inside of You

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    This is great!


  2. Khristine says:

    Beautiful! : )


  3. smilecalm says:

    this gives me
    a little more
    courage 🙂


  4. Trini Lind says:

    I love this! 🙂 ❤


  5. Lisa C says:

    I love that last quote by Goethe. I’m working on building up trust within myself so the words are very apt. Blessings, Lisa


  6. Yayo says:



  7. i attended a meeting of professional women this morning. I am the oldest member; however probably the wisest. The life I lived for 40 years totally trumps over their experiences. Unfortunately I feel they do not respect me for what I can offer. I walked away feeling like I probably sounded like an old lady who doesn’t know what she is talking about. Your post arrived in my mailbox at a perfect time. I feel better now. I wonder how they would be 40 years from now if they even took one step in my shoes?


    • I know what you’re saying, Jude. Years ago I had a short lived job where I was the grandmother in the group of employees. I felt very lost, awkward, and certainly not respected. In looking back, I know that if I would have stayed I would have brought something very special to that position and would have gained the love and respect I so wanted. Stay the course, and sit back and smile because these women have much to learn from you.


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