Childhood Holds the Key to Your Purpose

Do you feel you’re living your life the way it was meant to be? If not, then the key to your purpose is hidden away in your childhood. Look deep within and remember what it was that got your attention and excited you and that will be the purpose you were supposed to follow. Maybe you had more than one–lucky you! But know, there is at least one.

Sometimes life gets in the way and purpose gets lost in the shuffle, but you can always find it again. Until you find and follow your purpose you will never be completely happy. There will always be something missing.

It doesn’t matter what your obligations are, how much time in a day you have, or how old you are, because it’s never too late to find and follow your purpose.

Close your eyes and go back to the discover days of your childhood. Your purpose is there somewhere. Maybe it’s hiding in the toy box of dreams, or at your best friend, Betty’s house. Probably it got lost on your wedding day, or most likely when the first baby came along. We all have junk drawers, maybe it’s been there all long.

“The words on the tombstone read: Died at 30; buried at 60. This is the risk you take when you stop taking risks.”

~ Robert Holden

You were born for a reason; don’t be afraid, go and find it.

12 thoughts on “Childhood Holds the Key to Your Purpose

  1. It seems we’re of like mind today. 🙂


  2. Especially love that quote–so true. Much of who we are (I guess most) goes back to our childhood.


  3. Michelle says:

    Great post…love the quote!


  4. I much prefer my life now to childhood, Michele. Much clearer, but I love Holden’s quote. 🙂


  5. cindy knoke says:

    This is so true and I only realized it as I got older!


  6. This is such an interesting way to look at purpose — through our eyes as a child. I can actually recall a moment when I was small…I told myself what I would be, and somehow or another it’s rung true. Happy New Year, Michele!


  7. Thank you so much, Elysha 🙂 That’s so wonderful that you became what you envisioned as a child. Happy New Year to you too!


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