Embrace Your Past

A lot of things have happened in your past–some good and some not so good. And it stands to reason that those long ago decisions you regret making in your youth you want to forget or hide away, but don’t. Learn to embrace everything in your past because your past holds the key for the who you are today and the who you’ll become tomorrow.

Your journey is a rapid one, and you will make miscalculations along the way, but don’t sweat it because it’s going to happen anyway. Don’t berate yourself, just chalk it up to the lessons you had to learn. Remind yourself that all bad decisions are as much a part of your journey as all the good ones; embrace who you are.

The past is gone, so don’t dwell there. Realize that all that you have experienced is what has given you the richness and texture of your character, and how wonderful that character is. Without all the good and the bad, you just wouldn’t be you.

Look down from the mountain of life and see how far you have come, and realize that you made it despite the missteps. Now look up and see all that is waiting just for you. Celebrate your life’s journey–even the crappy times and trust in yourself. This is your journey friends, and it might be the only one you’ll ever get, so do it your way and be all used up when you get to the end.

Every line, every scar in or out, and every inch of body art is the who you are. Stand up, be proud, embrace it all!


17 thoughts on “Embrace Your Past

  1. Trini says:

    Wow!!! 🙂 What a power-post!! 🙂 So uplifting and encouraging!! 🙂 Thank you! I love your writing! 🙂 ❤


  2. Denise Sharp says:

    Hi Michele. You have written my confession & testimony!!! Such a beautiful illustration of the hearts message– when invited through forgiveness and into a renewed…friendship. Really appreciate this message– for all the right reasons! A warm, beautiful post. Bless you & Thank you!


  3. debcoats says:

    the past helps you become who you are met to be right, I remember, but I have learned to let the “attachment” of feelings go, I thank my past, but it does not control me anymore, it is but a page in a book, but it has helped me be who I am today, and today will help me be who I am met to be tomorrow 🙂 have a happy!!


  4. Dansons toujours dans nos coeurs tendres les uns avec les autres.

    Mes jeunes à enseigner, je cadeau ce vous les uns les autres …
    Notre joie est éternelle dans le moment de bonheur pour la nouvelle.

    Autoriser tous pensé à passer unattened que la danse vous …
    Un autre moment à l’autre; juste être avec cette époque.

    Cette divine moment; nous transcendent toujours éternel.

    🙂 Eric


    • Hi, Eric, I don’t speak French (I think it’s French), but you always say nice things, so thank you 🙂


      • Always dance in our tender hearts with each other.

        My young teaching, I present each of them this …
        Our joy is eternal in the moment of happiness for the new.

        Allow all thought to pass unattended by dancing you …
        Another time to another; just being a moment end.

        This divine moment; we always eternal transcend.

        — when I actually translated with the translating it was different – so, anyway, I meant it as this is.in English —

        ❤ Eric


      • That is really beautiful, Eric. Thank you for translating 🙂 You are the best!


      • I even improved it when I realized it could rhyme

        Always dance in our tender hearts each with bliss.

        My young teaching, I present each of them this …
        Our joy is eternal in the moment of happiness for the new.

        Allow all thought to pass unattended by dancing you …
        Another time to another; just being a moment to end.

        This divine moment; we always eternal transcend.


      • It flows so beautiful–I just love it. Thank you so much, Eric 🙂


      • 🙂 aw… I like it as well in English now. French is so romantic that I worked real hard to make it French because honestly, I am not so good with French either. Glad you like it Michele. Blesings; Eric


  5. In Engish and in French, the sentiments of both of you are beautiful….i wish I’d seen the translation before I tried to translate!
    The past is gone. This I have learned in the process of living and, while I may not be proud of every action or thought, I have learned to live with minimal regret in the understanding and acceptance that I cannot change what is past but I can, hopefully, make the future better through better present choices based on past experience. Hindsight is rarely overrated, I think, although we may never know the full impact of choices made until later.
    Your thoughts on this are insightful, Michelle, and must surely come from experience as I imagine it is a truth elusive to the very young and inexperienced. Or the very lucky. I kind of feel that the learning process is why we are here.


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