Spoil Yourself

Spoiling yourself is really about self-care. You lead a busy life where you constantly do for others. Some of you are working more than one job, raising kids, and some even caring for special needs children, aging parents, or ill mates. Life can get hard and very demanding as responsibilities build. You can lose yourself in these situations and your stress level can explode. What can you do to keep sane? Spoil yourself.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first once in a while. Make a habit of once a month or even once a week doing something fun just for you. Go out to eat with friends and laugh over wine. Watch a game and yell your lungs out. Go out into nature and have some quiet time where no one is asking you to do anything for them. Even buy yourself a gift that’s just for you. Whatever brings joy back into your life go and do it before you turn into a zombie.

You are not here to be a slave. You are here to learn, do some good, and have a great time. But when doing that good gets out of balance and you start to lose yourself, then my friends, you have hit the danger zone. This is the region where all hell breaks loose. You are not only in danger of becoming a horrible caregiver, but also of destroying the very life you should be enjoying.

Don’t give it all away; keep some of the good stuff just for you. Your time on earth is limited so learn to take some of that time for YOURSELF! In doing this you will find that you are a better caregiver, and also a more loving and giving person who feels good about life in general.

So come on, kick off your shoes, be crazy and run wild in the nude! Really feel free, and feel your life.

Hey, when was the last time you actually spoiled yourself?


16 thoughts on “Spoil Yourself

  1. ahhh…such a great post to read today! thank you


  2. True–nothing wrong w/putting self first some of the time.


  3. Tonight. Ferrero Rocher! And I’m not kidding! 🙂 x


  4. Michele,
    Cool post. Sometimes people fall into ruts of self-sacrifice, so your advice is worth considering. One thing though… Perhaps “nude” deserved two exclamation points? 🙂


  5. I know, I know. We need to put on our oxygen mask.
    (Easier said than done.)


  6. Michelle says:

    When my kids were young I was sooooooo guilty of putting myself last…I had forgotten how to even think about putting myself first. This sounds ridiculous but I had forgotten what I loved to do to spoil myself. Thankfully my kids are getting older and I am making up for lost time. I love doing anything that spoils myself…….hey we have all earned it!


  7. E.D. says:

    lovely posts – no dramas for you dear Michele.. eh? eve


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