Arranging the Pieces of Your Life

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” ~ Virginia Woolf

 When you think about it, living everyday is really about how well you arrange whatever appears in your life–good or bad. It’s about how you handle your existence. Do you let stress get the better of you? Do you avoid problems, or tackle them head on? What do you do, and how well can you arrange whatever enters your world?

You can wake up in the morning feeling happy and at peace, but somewhere into your day something pops up and throws you a curve ball. Sometimes it’s little things like a comment from a co-worker or even your boss that you don’t know how to take, and if you don’t arrange it correctly, it can throw you off. Or, you can find yourself facing something serious that has a huge impact on your life. So many things come into your life bombarding you, but what’s important is how you handle them.

We all have hit the potholes on the road we are traveling. Sometimes we see them and think, they won’t be too deep, and drive right over them finding we were wrong. Sometimes we don’t even know they’re there until we fall in. But obsessing that we hit them, or fearing that it might happen again, will not change a thing. Our life is full of ups and downs and we have to learn how to flow with the forces of life so we stay healthy, strong, and at peace.

Enjoy what you have and those you love. Be brave and face your life head on living everyday in wonderment. But know, that change is part of your life, and never hold anything too tightly that you can’t let go and arrange whatever pieces may come your way.


10 thoughts on “Arranging the Pieces of Your Life

  1. I like the curve balls (well, really, I teach myself to do so). You posted great advice: “Enjoy what you have and those you love.”

    Blessings Michele…
    ~ Eric

  2. Line says:

    Such a wonderful, inspiring and encouraging post! Words of wisdom! 🙂

  3. good advice here–l like the pothole analogy–it’s all in how we react to the potholes in life. 😉

  4. E.D. says:

    such a day was yesterday.. I find i have too many pot holes – I don’t know why. I try so hard to do the right thing.. thanks for this. eve

    • Hi, Eve, so nice to hear from you. I’m sorry you had one of those days yesterday. I know for me that just when I think life is going well something happens to change that and once again I’m arranging the pieces of my life.

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