Be Kind

Be helpful and kind letting your soul be divine. Get out from under your comfort zone and do what you know is right from the start. Smile at everyone and let them know you dare to care. Go ahead, reach for that box high on the shelf, and gladly hand it over to someone who’s unable to do it themselves. Have you ever thought that one day you will be old and maybe not able, and wouldn’t it be nice if the world had more kind people?

I don’t care if you work in some government office where you might have been trained not to give a damn. I don’t care if you have a job that has become mundane; please be kind even if you’re standing in the rain. It doesn’t even matter if this is your last day here on planet Earth because being kind is one of the reasons you came here in the first place.

Kindness goes a long way even from just a few, and it comforts and makes all beings feel safe, loved and new. Practice random acts of kindness it’s crazy and exciting I know, but see how good you will feel by just doing so. Pay kindness forward and notice how people will wake up changing their outlook on life where pills are never required.

Busy lives with stress make us forget who we are and why we’re here in the first place. Never forget to be kind because kindness has its own special warmth and love and brings our soul together with our Spirit and they become just one.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”   
~ Lao Tzu


19 thoughts on “Be Kind

  1. I agree-we should all try to be more kind.

  2. Jenna Dee says:

    A heartwarming post that I hope every person in the world reads and takes to heart. More and more people are uncaring and insensitive to others. We need more kindness. Thank you for your post Michele. Love and kindness to you from Jenna

    • I appreciate your comments, Jenna. You are so sweet!
      Sending you bunches of love and kindness.

    • I recall you posted a ‘Zen Moments’ verse
      This year I woke from years of hibernation; I started to see, feel and listen more and it was the 1st anniversary of your blogging…

      I learned to be kinder to myself.
      I learned to embrace my individuality.
      I learned that it’s okay to change my mind and old ways.
      I learned to be still.
      I learned to stop trying to figure it all out.
      I learned to let go.
      I learned to be me.

      Every day I discovered something new and I’ve collected stories, images and words that made a difference to me at the time I saw them.

      The kindness in that case was elf-kindness – my self-kindness contributes greatly to my softness to the ego… I generally treat my ego now as a voice that represents mediation of choices. Its like a survival tool more than all the time rather than my owner and director that it was when I began to consider what it was up to.

      ~ Eric

  3. Very appropriately stated. Just one small request, however, not all government workers were trained not to give a damn. I was one.

    Hugs. Jude

    • Thank you, Jude, I stand corrected. I have worked with many kind government workers who did care, and when I was one for a short time, I was super kind and helpful. My comment came on the heels of doing business with some that haven’t been very helpful and just seem not to care and look past their 9 to 5 jobs. Love your comments, and love you Jude 🙂

  4. Line says:

    Yes, we should all be more kind to one another! Kindness is the most important medicine for this world, who sometimes seems, a little broken.

  5. Michelle says:

    Kindness always makes me happy.

  6. Joe Bradshaw says:

    Love your kindness and the gifts you share… I also love Lao Tzu nice quote you chose to express the sentiment! 🙂

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