It’s easy in your busy life to get out of balance. There’s running the kids to after school activities–which gets tricky when you have more than one kid. Sometimes sandwiched in are aging parents that you are caring for, or even an ill spouse. And let’s not forget that crazy busy job you have with the demanding boss. With all of this, no wonder you get out of balance.

Just living can cause you to get out of balance from time to time. The trick is not to stay out of balance for long periods. Know your warning signs of when you are beginning to get out of balance and then take measures to get yourself back in the groove. If you get in the habit of letting yourself stay out of balance for long periods of time then you will be in for the struggle of your life. Friendships will suffer and so will your health.

When you are out of balance for long periods of time, or if you find it happening too often, this out of balance person will become the new you. Anxiety and other types of stress will take you over. Things like panic attacks can occur as you start to feel that you have no control over your life. Major health concerns such as heart problems can also threaten your life.

One of the best things you can do to get back in balance, or to not get out of it in the first place, is to meditate. Get in the habit before you even get out of bed in the morning of closing your eyes and putting your attention on your breath as you inhale and exhale naturally. As you do this, let your mind just wander. Pay no attention to the thoughts that come in, only think about your breathing. Take a few minutes throughout your day to meditate and see how much calmer you begin to feel. Just like dental flossing, as you practice daily, the process of meditating will come automatically to you.

The other thing you need to do to keep in balance is to take stock of your daily life. Are there things you can eliminate or do a different way to make life flow easier? You are the captain of your ship and only you can make changes in your life to get in balance on the rough seas of your journey.

When you are in balance, you become one with the universe and at peace with yourself. My friends, that’s a wonderful way to live.

13 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Balance in life is a beautiful thing to have. Thank you for doing the reminding. Calmness for health and happiness for peace…


  2. digitalgranny says:

    Good advice and I have learned the warning signs of rmy body that let me know when I am out of balance, which i am often, being caregiver for my husband.


  3. Meditation is good, and don’t forget plenty of water and sleep. Thanks.


  4. Michele; serenity gets more important as I have it longer… I like the feeling of peace and I like to take it with me everywhere I go

    Balance – essential for me… its what kept me trying to get serenity that lasts… it also is what got me blogging.

    ~ Eric


  5. slesser1013 says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Balance is one thing I have started to practice in my life and it really makes everything so much easier. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.


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