Feel the Beat

Feel the beat of your life as you live every day. Be in rhythm with the twists and turns you experience on your journey, and never be out of step with the who you are inside your soul. You don’t need arms or legs to follow the beat, you just need to go deep.

Life can send you zingers that threaten to knock you off-balance, but if you have a strong connection to the who you are everything negative will bounce right off of you hardly leaving a mark. But if you are lost and feel no beat every bad thing that comes your way will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

What a shame if you decide to sit this one out and ignore the rhythm that is your life because once your life is gone the beat too will stop and forever be no more. Your life should be lived not ignored, so get up and dance and feel your life force.

Be in rhythm with your life, don’t pull the covers over your head and hide because life is going to happen whether you’re in the dance or not, so you might as well join in and be a part of it. This life you’ve been given is a gift and should be celebrated. Look around and see the beauty–it’s there, just open your eyes it’s all around you!

Don’t fight with your life, just let yourself feel the beat and sway with the rhythm that’s flowing through you becoming one with the  Spirit that is truly you.

 “If you think something is missing in your life,
it is probably you!”  ~ Robert Holden

13 thoughts on “Feel the Beat

  1. Jenna Dee says:

    Great advice 😉 Love Jenna


  2. I love the ending quote Michele.
    🙂 😀 🙂
    ~ Eric


  3. Line says:

    Beautifully said! Oh, yes I will celebrate life today, and every day, wheeling among the twinkling starts and twirling on vibrant rainbows, forever in tune with my soul-music. Thank you for the inspirational article !:-)


  4. Hi, Love this poem. Did you know my first name is Jannat that means Garden of Love, This is a wonderfully written prose poem. JBC


  5. Michelle says:

    How very true……..fantastic post!


  6. thelifeofababybuddha says:

    I love everything about this post. For a long time I probably pulled the covers over my head but now that my health is much better I think it’s definitely time to feel the rhythm and beat of my life 😉


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