Emotional Triggers

In relationships that carry past baggage that’s never been cleaned out, there is always little emotional triggers that get us going in the wrong direction. A lot of times these are relationships with siblings or parents, but it can be any relationship that you’ve had for a long time, such as with a spouse. Emotional triggers ignored never go away and cause not only you and the opposing person pain but also everyone you care deeply about.

Your triggers are your responsibility and not the person you are in opposition with. You, and only you, can and very much need to get to the bottom of why you have an emotional trigger with this person. Analyze why your triggers are set off and be honest with yourself. Have a talk with the one that gets you going and explain how you feel when they say certain things to you. It’s always good to clear the air on how you feel because the other person might be completely in the dark.

Communication is the best line of defense in securing good relationships. Lack of communication causes so much fear and anger because without the other person’s input you begin to fill in the blanks of what you think the other person feels about you. This is when the ego takes hold and spits out all the nasty negative thoughts. You don’t have to communicate face to face. With all the technology we have today, there are many ways of doing it.

Whatever your triggers are, and how you decide to handle or not handle them, remember this: Don’t let anything stay inside of you that is negative. Everything you feel creates the life you live.

 “Whenever you heal any relationship, your whole life improves–and that counts for double with family.” ~ Robert Holden, Shift Happens ~


4 thoughts on “Emotional Triggers

  1. Line says:

    Oh yes, I completely agree! I am actually quite good at this, I say everything I feel, and I really mean everything……but it is not always easy for others to handle, when someone is very open. I wish more people were open about their feelings, it would be so much easier to interact with people.

    • I wish more people were open with their feelings too. It’s hard to deal with people who have emotional triggers. Being open with your feelings is a good way to be. Thanks so much for coming by 🙂

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