Don’t Open That Door

Don’t open that door it’s anger trying to push its way through with ego providing the fuel. Don’t open that door you have nothing to be angry for. What possible event could you let those two come in to your humble home and start-up a war? Whatever you might think it’s not worth opening up that damn door!

Anger has no place in your beautiful life. It will wipe out any balance you have now for your existence. Each day things happen to us and sometimes they are not good, but that’s just life. There is no earthly reason to let anger take hold of you. Once you let anger in it will do more than make you mad, or even a bit sad. It will distort, destroy and make you sick.

So even though something happened to upset you and you have a right to feel angry, DON’T! Because having a right doesn’t make it right. See if you can just let it blow away in the wind. If not, then calm down first, and then confront what’s making you angry, or the person that’s behind your anger event.

Don’t open that door, until you check the peep-hole first. And if it’s anger and ego hand in hand waiting for their chance to expand, make sure the bolts are all locked good and tight, and then, have yourself a glass of wine and a good night.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Open That Door

  1. Good post–Always strive to deal with the anger first, then the person and situation.


  2. Michele,
    Anger is a useless emotion that left unchecked will eat one alive. Many scientists have named anger as a factor (stress) in cancer. When people talk about something “eating at them” they may not understand how literal their words are.


  3. Michelle says:

    Very timely….I have been feeling a tad angry about a couple of things and have been telling myself to let it go……Your words have inspired me to let it blow away. Thanks


  4. thelifeofababybuddha says:

    So true… it’s not worth opening that door. I’ve lived around anger for most of my life (still do unfortunately). I’ve watched what it does to people and it’s such wasted energy. Much better to have a glass of wine (or a hot water and lemon in my case lol cos I don’t really drink) and a good night 🙂


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