Show respect for friends and family, and everyone who passes your way. Sometimes during the holiday season we find ourselves in a manic rush to shop for presents, dinner and all kinds of stuff. We get disconnected from the who we really are and drop all kinds of niceties in favor of the holy buck.

Sometimes it’s not only during the holidays that we have no time or care, but even during the dulling times that come before and after all affairs. I know that sometimes Grandma seems to live in another world, but don’t forget there are still brains under all that gray hair and a heart of gold. She’s still the one that taught your mom her abc’s and played with you for hours on her knees. The co-workers that drive you crazy and you think are lazy still deserve your respect, as well as, your extended family that you think at times should just go to hell.

During the holiday season that for some has lost all reason, don’t forget about the sales people who I’m sure would rather be in the Caribbean, or at least some other far off dream. It doesn’t take much time to smile and say, “thank you for all you’ve done my way.”

Respect for people’s feelings is sometimes forgotten, but let’s try to reason that we all have a place in this crazy world, and giving respect to others is the very least we can do. So next time you feel rushed and drained step back, take a long deep breath, and then, continue on once again.


11 thoughts on “Respect

  1. MRS N, the Author says:

    I love this! So many people have forgotten about respect. I agree, it’s the least we can do! 🙂

  2. Jenna Dee says:

    Beautifully said. I too have noticed a declining lack of respect shown for others over the past few years. People say they are too busy to stop and acknowledge people who are serving them in shops but I think they are being rude and selfish. Thank you for sharing your feelings on your blog. Love Jenna

  3. Hi Michele. I hope that you are happy and healthy. This is a good post that gets at the true heart of the Holiday Season — joy it is. I pray your days will continue to be for you the blessing that you warmly share. I’m sure this will be the case for you. Blessings.
    ~ Eric

  4. H3nry J3kyll says:

    Ah the beauty of truthful simplicity. Have a Happy New Year Michele!

  5. Yes respect does go a long way…Great reminder!

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