See the Beauty

Open your eyes and see the beauty that is all around you. Go outside and take in nature in all its glorious wonder. See the bushes that now are turning, and how about those crazy trees throwing away all their leaves! Those silly squirrels are at it again hiding all their nuts while the woodpecker is busy chasing all from its suet tree. Look up at the sky, is it raining again? Oh how it keeps on changing from dark clouds to fluffy pillows covered in honking geese.

Winter is on the way in the Pacific Northwest, and every day is filled with activity and changes. The summer I like the best, but I guess, everything needs a long rest, and the main thing isย  just to go with it.

While your eyes are open how about taking in those you love. Oh yes, I know, at best they can all be a mess, but you love them just the same. Like the changes in season our relationships can change too, and sometimes not for the best. Try and look beyond the things that irritate you, and find the beauty that lies deep within the people you call, โ€œfamily.โ€

Open your eyes and see the beauty that is all around you, and capture the pictures of nature and those you love placing them deep inside your soul. Keep them close as a reminder how beautiful life can be, and then, just flow.


8 thoughts on “See the Beauty

  1. Jenna Dee says:

    What a lovely reminder for us to see the beauty around us not only with our eyes but with our heart and soul. Thank you Susan. Love Jenna

  2. H3nry J3kyll says:

    Wonderful wisdom and food for thought in twenty lines. The advice that you offer is always gratefully received Michele.

  3. Michele,
    It looks like you have embarked on winter’s quality of being a time for introspection. Thanks for your honest words.

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