Humans are fragile beings. We feel and get hurt a lot. One of the things we need to learn as we travel on our life’s journey is that we will experience pain from hurt at different times on this journey, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer. We need to accept the hurt and go through the pain as a part of our journey, then we need to release it and go on. If we hold on to the hurt we will start to suffer, and there is no end to suffering if we let it take over.

One of the best things to do once you deal with your hurt and go through the pain is to get involved in helping your fellow-man. Volunteering your time is a wonderful way to not only help others but also help yourself to live more by your Spirit and less by the ego. The ego is all about me, me, me, and it will keep you in the suffering mode.

Letting your hurt go and getting out and helping in your community not only helps others and builds a better community, but it grows your Spirit and gives you a life full of depth and purpose. Sometimes when we are feeling hurt we get lost on our journey and forget what our purpose in living is all about. Hurt can cloud our thinking and we can get too involved with ourselves and the ego kicks in with that me, me, me, thing.

Learn to deal with the pain of hurt and then get out from under yourself and do some good by helping someone else. You will grow stronger by doing this and all the hurts along your journey will not develop into a suffering pattern that you drag along with you. When you think about yourself too much you feed the hurt and keep it alive.

Remember, life is meant to be happy and only you can control where and how far the hurt you are feeling today will go.

12 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Zkye says:

    Nice thought Michelle, being hurt is part of what we call life.. ( :


  2. caetcaet says:

    Volunteering and giving back to my community of Halifax, NS has helped me heal the past wounds of bullying and betrayal from my hometown.


  3. I have been addressing the tendency of my son to hold on to his emotional upsets. I se that he’s making progress. He seems much more at ease. I hadn’t thought about this though: “One of the best things to do once you deal with your hurt and go through the pain is to get involved in helping your fellow-man.” 🙂 This is an excellent point that you’ve made.
    Thanks Michele.
    ~ Eric


  4. I do share the hope and belief too that kids need to learn even early on to deal with their upsets — not as adult examples usually lead either. I know I was a stuffer — putting my upsets into a dark place for later — not knowing of course that later would be just about the worst possible moment. 😮
    ~ Eric


  5. slesser1013 says:

    this is true 🙂


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