“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

~ Buddha

Anger is an emotion that will drag you down and steal your joy, especially if you feel it often. There are times in your life when I’m sure you have a perfect reason and a right to feel angry, but don’t. Instead, let the anger pass.

The people you are angry at don’t really care how you feel; they live in their own head, maybe just like you do. This also goes for situations that make you angry. Inanimate objects don’t have feelings. Anger has a habit of growing deeper, making you and those you love, sick.

Many times the anger you feel has nothing to do with a particular person or thing, but everything to do with you. Some feelings that can cause this are: guilt, disappointment, grief, or even fear. Being angry at yourself won’t cure any of these. The best thing to do is face up to what’s bothering you and work in baby steps on conquering the real problem. this way, you are doing something positive that will bring you closer to a full and happy life.

Sometimes the anger you are feeling is in disproportion to what is really going on. So step back for a minute and reevaluate the situation. Not everything that goes wrong in your life deserves an emotion as strong as anger.

Anger is a negative emotion that is fueled by your ego, and absolutely nothing that the ego has anything to do with is going to be good for you. Look around you and see how the years have gone by and ask yourself how many of those years you spent in anger.

The next time you get angry, acknowledge that anger and then let it go, and see it float away. It will take practice, but one day it will be second nature for you. Remember, your life is meant to be happy and peaceful, but it will only be those things if you choose them.


10 thoughts on “Anger

  1. tuesday2 says:

    Perfect words to end your post,
    “…but it will only be those things if you choose them.” It IS our choice and I believe it does take practice (and repeated lessons) to learn the power of learning to choose.

  2. Anger is an expression of (helplessness in the) shame or fear that is actually doing the screaming.

  3. Thanks Michele. I am enjoying my visits.
    – Eric

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