Touch is:

A hug from your child or grandchild that lets you know you are loved.

That special warmth you feel as you snuggle with your pet.

The soft lip kisses that beg for more.

The comfort you give and receive from a dying love one as you take their hand in yours.

A good massage that relieves pain.

Two lovers joined in a caress that melts them as one.

Feelings of reassurance you did a good job when a teacher places their hand on your shoulder.

Holding your baby and cuddling together knowing this is what heaven is all about.

Sweet kisses on the cheek that say, “I love you.”

A warm and understanding pat from a friend.

Deep oneness as you hold hands with your soul mate.

When two beings join together and become one even for just a second, that is the magical power of touch. Without the gentle touch of another we might never survive in this world, so reach out and touch someone you care about.


6 thoughts on “Touch

  1. Jenna Dee says:

    A beautiful post Michele, thank you for sharing. Love Jenna

  2. Five Quick Minutes says:

    You are a romantic! Good for you! Keep your sweetness, it will serve you well…thank you for following our site.

    Enjoy your day,

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