Don’t ever give up dreaming about the life you want.

Dream about the soul mate you will meet someday, the children you see yourself raising, the home you see yourself living in, the job you see yourself doing. All the things spinning around in your head that you see yourself experiencing, don’t give up dreaming about them.

Everything you want begins with a dream.

Your dreams are thoughts of how you see yourself living.

Dreams will become your reality if you put energy into them.

Don’t worry, dreams will stand strong against the wind, never wavering, if you just nurture them.

Don’t ever give up dreaming about the life you want, because you see, if you truly believe in them, dreams really do come true.

6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Five Quick Minutes says:

    Solid advice. Good post…

    Take care,


  2. kingdom777 says:

    Hi Michele,
    “Don’t ever give up dreaming”, I agree. There is a proverb that says “Where there is no dream, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)
    Thanks so much for the follow, I really appreciate it. I like what you have to say. God bless, Jo.


    • Hi, Jo 🙂 Thanks for following me and for your kind words. I agree with that proverb. I think if we didn’t have our dreams and really believe in them, our beautiful Spirits would be knocked down so terribly that we would perish. Keep up the good work–I enjoy your blog very much!


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