Close your eyes and feel your Spirit; it is calm and unassuming.

Ego is anything but calm, and can be arrogant.

Spirit speaks softly to you, and always respects your free will.

Ego respects nothing and fills your body with poison.

Spirit is the little voice that whispers, “You can do this.”

Ego yells, “Don’t even try; you know you will fail.”

Spirit sits back and waits for your call to help.

Ego is so dominant that we just let it take over, but it never helps us.

Spirit is your Higher Self and wants you to become one with it, but ego works hard to edge it out and wins too often.

Negative feelings are ego speaking loudly to you.

Positive feelings are always Spirit gently guiding you.

Close your eyes and feel your Spirit; flow as one because it’s who you really are.


2 thoughts on “Spirit

  1. joedalio says:

    I love this! The list can go on and on about the comparison between spirit and ego. However, it doesn’t have to. When we focus on Spirit, there is no need to compare : )

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