“Life is a time test.” ~ Al Anderson

You only have so much time to get it right, so don’t waste it.

Value your time with friends and especially your family.

Don’t waste your time in petty arguments; no one ever wins.

Stress is the great robber of time, don’t let it rob yours.

Time has to be managed; control it before it controls you.

Just like a river, time keeps moving along and you can never get back to where you were.

Ask yourself if the time you are spending on your career is worth the final cost to you and your loved ones.

You can never get back those precious moments you let slip by with your children. They are only yours for a short time.

If we let it, life can take its toll on us, and the result is usually time lost that will never return.

We don’t know how long we or the people we care most about are going to be here, so shouldn’t we be spending most of our time building memories and sharing our love all around?

I urge everyone to spend a little time everyday appreciating their life and the life they share with family and friends. Don’t waste your time worrying, being depressed, angry, overly caught up in building your career, or your job. These things can steal time and leave you with nothing real.

Enjoy the moments of your life; don’t wait until they are gone to realize how precious they were.

3 thoughts on “Time

  1. kerbey says:

    Where did you hide your like button now?


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