Having expectations of how we want something to be causes more problems for us than anything else. We sometimes don’t realize that we have expectations about a situation, but we usually do and when they are not met we are not very happy campers. Take for example planning a trip, and once you arrive, nothing is as you had imagined. How about visiting relatives that you haven’t seen for a while and it not turning out like you thought?

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” ~ William Shakespeare

The above quote is so true when what you planned, or thought the visit or situation would be is not. The best thing to do is have no expectations. This way you will not be setting yourself up for disappointment, hurt, or even anger to occur. Plan your trip, but just don’t over plan it. And when dealing with people just remember, we all look at a situation differently; not everyone is looking through rose-colored glasses.

When you think about it, having No expectations on anything will put you in a mindful mode where you are free to just flow without your ego taking hold. In this freedom you are able to experience and see things in a fresh way without the burden of having arrived into the situation with all your expectations neatly in place waiting to be fulfilled.

So get out there and enjoy all that is around you with no preconceived ideas of how things should be. Life is so much better when you allow yourself to go with the current happy to land wherever it takes you. This makes your life fun, and we all need to have more fun.


One thought on “Expectations

  1. tuesday2 says:

    Ahhh… living life in the moment.

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