Value Yourself

Some people have a hard time valuing who they are. They criticize themselves more than they criticize anyone else. There always seems to be a lacking of some sort. They’re not pretty, handsome, smart, or good enough. They want to be something they’re not. Real trouble begins when they listen to the views others have about them, and that makes it even harder to accept the who they are.

This non valuing who you are is a total lack of love for yourself. It’s not vain to love and honor yourself because if you don’t love and accept who you are then how can you expect anyone else to? If you don’t value the very being that you are, how can others? This lack of respect for yourself can lead to wasteful years of trying to be who you’re not, and a life that is unfulfilled. It can also lead to losing yourself.

The real tragedy is how so many children and teens are redirected on their life’s journey by cruel individuals. We need to put an end to this epidemic of children trying to destroy themselves because they feel they have no value. Children need an armor to survive life’s assaults.

The armor I’m giving to my grandchildren is this: “You’re here because the universe has great plans for you. Your job is to discover what those plans are and fulfill them. Because of this, don’t waste the precious gift of life you’ve been given. Stay clear of those with dark hearts who seek to steal your power. And never, never, let others define you–it’s your life not theirs. Love and accept who you are, and always value yourself.”

I’m not saying we shouldn’t improve ourselves. There is always a need to grow and educate our mind and soul. That’s what our life is all about. But before we can grow, we have to stop the lacking and start accepting. Give gratitude for who you are and really honor yourself.

All of us have a reason for being. We are here to do something wonderful, but that something wonderful will never be realized if we don’t learn to value who we are.

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