You need a little break, so for just a few minutes, give yourself one. At your desk, the kitchen table, anywhere you want. Go ahead, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Send those worries, self-doubts and things to do away–it’s just for a few minutes, and surely, they can find somewhere else to go. Clear all the brain chatter and get lost in the stillness of your mind. If it helps, see a calming picture of a peaceful garden, or the sun setting on the ocean–you get it, you know what I mean. Now, let yourself stay there for just a few minutes. Let yourself connect with your Spirit–the person you really are. Let everything just melt away. The boss’s endless tasks can wait. The 4th grader’s homework isn’t going anywhere, and the baby is sleeping. Stay there in that peaceful place for just a few minutes and feel the love of who you really are. You’re not a mean person; you’re not jealous, or sad. You’re not sick either. You are good and full of love.

Now, open your eyes and take another deep breath. Don’t you feel so much better? Don’t you feel relaxed? Try and do this every day because we are all much happier when we connect to our Spirit, and it only takes a few minutes.


2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Hey, it worked…thanks!

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