Sleeping in Lalaloopsy Land

If you think I’ve lost my mind, you are probably right. But in this case, Lalaloopsy is an American line of colorful rag dolls with button eyes that live in a magical world called “Lalaloopsy Land.” There are lots of little dolls that come with their own personal pet, and little girls just love them.

One rainy day, I found myself all snuggled on the couch with my two adorable twin granddaughters. We were watching Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land. The story centered on the character, “Pillow Featherbed,” being asleep somewhere with her pet sheep, and her friends trying to find her. It seems that this Pillow Featherbed likes to sleep and daydream a lot, and I found myself identifying way too much with her. I’m not a morning person, or a night person, and just like Pillow Featherbed, I like to sleep maybe too much. This got me to thinking about people who have trouble sleeping.

We all (even me) have trouble from time to time getting to sleep and staying asleep all night. usually it’s because we have something on our minds. For some reason, we start to think about problems in the stillness of the night instead of sleeping. Now, we all know the medical dangers of not getting enough sleep so I’m not going to throw out facts and figures. But I wonder if we realize during those sleepless nights how much we strip ourselves of quality in our lives.

During sleep, our body gets to regenerate itself and we are able to be at our best after a good night’s sleep. We are happier, healthier, peaceful and even more creative. We rob ourselves of the joy of living when we let worries keep us awake, and we feel awful in the morning.

I have read that if you have something on your mind don’t take it to bed with you. Instead, schedule yourself time in the daylight hours to fix the problem. There are only two things you can do with stuff on your mind. Either fix it, or toss it out, but never, never, take it to bed with you.

Do everything you can to make your bedroom cozy, dark and quiet. I think it was Oprah Winfrey that said she never watches the news before bed. And make sure that you never run out of dreams. My youngest granddaughter, age 4, was having trouble sleeping the other night, and she told her mother that she just couldn’t sleep because she had run out of dreams. Her mother gave her some dream suggestions, but she said that she had already used those.

Maybe we should all take a lesson from Pillow Featherbed and be a sleepyhead who loves to daydream. Here’s hoping you never run out of dreams.

Sending sweet dreams your way


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